Sun Moon Lake Black

Sun Moon Lake Black

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A special Assam produced from a hybrid of native Taiwanese and Indian cultivars. Unlike typical Assams, this one is naturally sweet with prune and lychee notes and a hint of wintergreen. Rich, drinkable, and smooth.


Long Steep Method

SCOOP | 3g or 2 heaping tsp per 8oz water
POUR | 190° water over leaves
STEEP | 3 min

Steeping instructions are a starting point for how to make this tea. We encourage you to play around with the tea quantity or steeping time to customize the brew for your tastes.

Gongfu Method

SCOOP | 5g or 1 heaping Tbsn per 8oz water
POUR | Boiling water over leaves
STEEP | 5-10 seconds and strain into. fair cup/pitcher to share or enjoy alone.

Repeat brewing steps several times to enjoy how the tea evolves with each additional steeping