Our dream with Miro Tea began with the simple idea that people could enjoy fresh, artisan-quality teas in a vibrant, community-oriented tea shop. Founded in 2007, Miro Tea was welcomed into the Ballard neighborhood as a centerpiece for connecting our community with the world’s finest grades of tea. Through our quality of service, knowledge and product we strive to evoke the sense of warmth and renewal that is the most primary characteristic of a good tea. We welcome your visit and look forward to connecting with you over your next cup of tea.


Miro Tea partners with a select group of high quality restaurants, cafes and retailers throughout the Puget Sound region. With our wide selection of teas and extensive experience in retail and service, we have earned the knowledge and experience to help create a successful tea program for retail and food service establishments. If you are interested in partnering with us for your tea program, please email us at wholesale@mirotea.com.


Our sourcing program begins with establishing trusting relationships with tea producers from over a dozen countries. Since 2007, we have tasted thousands of teas to select the most delicious and representative teas in each category. We work with partners who understand our commitment to quality and produce teas and herbals of exceptional flavor and craftsmanship. With each new season and year, we begin the cycle of connection, tasting and curating for our ever changing tea menu. We hope you check back often to discover what is new and seasonal straight from the tea growers.