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Our new website is finally here! It has been a few years in the making as we worked hard to create a permanent online location for our current and new customers to explore our teas. We took our time to create a site that we would love and we are excited to share it with you. While you’re here, be sure to check out our new filter system which assists you in narrowing down our extensive menu. You can search for teas based on category, country of origin, flavor profile and even moods. You can also find all our cafe offerings here. Explore our beverage and upcoming food menu before your next visit or check out our next online events such as our very fun and informative tea classes. Let us know what you think and follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest news!

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Discovering Artisan Teas Off the Beaten Path

We love teas from China, Japan, India and Taiwan. But do you know what’s brewing outside of these well established tea growing countries? Passionate and dedicated tea growers from the rest of the world are developing increasingly sophisticated tea production techniques and skills as they are growing and processing teas in unexpected locales. You may find your next favorite tea in one of these newer tea growing countries.

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Tea Workshops at Miro Tea

Explore, taste and learn more about the fascinating world of tea through our  online tea classes. Each month we focus on a specific tea topic and design an interactive class around that subject. In addition to our focus classes, we always offer our Fundamentals of Tea Brewing class where we teach you our fool proof method of how to brew tea. This is a free class and we encourage anyone who need tips or guidance on how to make better tea at home.

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Miro Tea Videos

Find out more about your favorite teas, teaware, or tea-producing regions with our video series. We explore how to prepare, make, and enjoy the exotic assortment of fresh teas offered here and at our flagship cafe in Seattle, WA.

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