Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey

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Named for its golden leaf buds which are said to resemble monkey paws, this famous black tea from China has a uniquely delicious flavor and has become a favorite among staff here at Miro.

Rich notes of honey and malt give a nectar-like quality that results in a deeply delicious, smooth brew. The astringency brought out by a longer steeping is delicately balanced by hints of burnt sugar and caramel, making this tea versatile and enjoyable, however you choose to brew it.

Tea Tip: This tea is our house favorite for tea lattes and iced milk teas, as its pronounced malty notes hold their own against milk and sweetness.



SCOOP | 3g or 1 heaping tsp per 8oz water
POUR | Boiling water over leaves
STEEP | 1.5 min

Steeping instructions are a starting point for how to make this tea. We encourage you to play around with the tea quantity or steeping time to customize the brew for your taste.