Eau de Duck  (Duck Sh*t Oolong)
Eau de Duck  (Duck Sh*t Oolong)
Eau de Duck  (Duck Sh*t Oolong)
Eau de Duck  (Duck Sh*t Oolong)

Eau de Duck (Duck Sh*t Oolong)

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Famously known as Ya Shi Xiang aka "Duck Sh*t Oolong." No ducks are involved in the production of this tea. The name is a cheeky reference to the distinctive mineral notes of this varietal. It is remarkable tea from Phoenix Mountain that also displays a unique blend of floral, fruity alongside the mineral notes, giving drinkers a captivating, unusual and evolving tasting experience.


Gong Fu Method

SCOOP | 6 gm or 2 heaping tsp per 6oz water
POUR | 190° water over leaves

RINSE  | steep for 5 seconds and discard liquid to awaken leaves

POUR  | 190° water over leaves again

STEEP | 5-10 seconds and strain into fair cup/pitcher to share or enjoy alone

Rebrew several times for several times  to enjoy how the tea evolves with each additional steeping.


Long Steep Method

SCOOP | 3 gm or 2 heaping tsp per 8oz water
POUR | 170° water over leaves
STEEP | 3 min

Steeping instructions are a starting point for how to make this tea. We encourage you to play around with the tea quantity or steeping time to customize the brew for your taste.