2012 Moonlight White

2012 Moonlight White

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A special loose white puerh from Jinggu county in Pu'er prefecture in Yunnan. The brew is delicate but fragrant with a wonderful slippery mouthfeel. Floral, sweet yet nicely contrasted with distinct herbal notes familiar to puerh drinkers. This tea is easy to brew and even easier to enjoy.


Gong Fu Method

SCOOP | 6g or 2 heaping tsp per 8oz water
POUR | 190° water over leaves

RINSE | steep for 5 seconds and discard liquid to awaken leaves

POUR | 190° water over leaves again

STEEP | 5-10 seconds and strain into fair cup/pitcher to share or enjoy alone

Rebrew several times for several times to enjoy how the tea evolves with each additional steeping