Earl of Lavender


This tea is a great choice for Earl Grey lovers who are interested in branching out into slightly newer territory. Indian black tea is blended with pure French lavender flowers, adding a creamy floral touch to an age-old classic.


SCOOP | 3 gm or 1heaping tsp per 8oz water
POUR | Boiling water over leaves
STEEP | 1.5 min

Steeping instructions are a starting point for how to make this tea. We encourage you to play around with the tea quantity or steeping time to customize the brew for your taste.


Origin: India

Black Tea

Black tea was first created by the Chinese to survive the long voyage to the lucrative and demanding British and European trading markets. Unlike other teas, black tea is processed to be fully oxidized in order to create the rich and robust flavors characteristic of the teas in this category. Commonly known to be highest in caffeine and in need of milk and sugar to temper its bold and tannic flavors, our wide range of black teas spans the spectrum of natural flavor notes that go beyond strength and require no alterations when brewed by its instructions.

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